Day 1 : Brixton To Palma



I’m excited. Two weeks of plant-based cooking and sun soaked beaches lie ahead of me. Getting into the food holiday spirit I treated myself to this at Gatwick..


Roasted aubergines topped with a fragrant tomato and lentil ragu and drizzled with a yoghurt thick with pine nuts, pomegranates and raisins. Yum! Hopefully a dish I can recreate. Less successful was having to shovel it down in minutes and sprint across the airport to make the flight.

I’m heading out to Palma to attend the Vegan Culinary Academy which I stumbled upon by accident. I certainly didn’t need much encouragement to get packing for an adventure so a month later, here I am….

It is scorching in Palma. I’ve arrived at my accommodation and enjoyed a quick dip. Now I’m settled at this beautiful table to write.


Sat typing in the dusk all I can say is I feel very at home and content already.  My host Michaela has been wonderful. She’s made me feel welcome and was kind enough to make dinner for the two of us. I’ve enjoyed hearing about her life and it is one of the great things about Air BnB. You take so much more away with you. It’s fascinating being invited into people’s homes and you get a good insight into the spirit of a place. There is also a beautiful swimming pool here, the sea glistening in the not so far distance, and a house packed full of character and charm.


Hopefully I can rise early enough for a morning swim. Tomorrow I begin the first part of the programme, covering 21 mediterranean recipes over 4 days.

Buenos noches,

Catherine x

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