Day 4 : The Super Spud

Towith a presentation on the magical powers of Potato Protein. I had never heard of this substitute before and there were some pretty bold claims made to persuade us egg lovers away. Avebe state that the protein ‘ has the highest level of essential amino acids among other plant proteins’ and is “close to whey and egg protein”. Sounds great and there’s even a man who’s dedicated an entire year of his life to eating just potatoes. He’s survived to tell the tale.

To demonstrate their super powers Jessica makes us a mayonnaise, aioli and a delicious red tomato sauce for Patatas Bravas.

DSC01124 (1)

Ok, with these three dips, a potato diet would go a long way. They were amazing, and the secret ingredient to give them all that creamy, fluffed texture, was a small spoonful of this tasteless potato protein. A great benefit over eggs is that the mayonnaise will keep better. It’s worth experimenting with.

We made a range of interesting dishes today from the Mediterranean. A Croatian Walnut and Dried Tomato Pate, Tunisia Matbucha (tomato and pepper hot salad), Albanian Tave Kosi, Gibraltar Rosto Pasta and Italian Gluten Free Lasagne.

The Walnut and Dried Tomato Pate was my favourite. Especially in this heat, a raw food recipe, was a welcome addition.


I was cooking the Albanian Tave Kosi. We used seitan (traditionally lamb), mushrooms, peppers and rice to create a risotto, topped with a thick creamy sauce.

Jessica whipped up our left over veggies from yesterday to make these delicious crackers. You can use any left over veggies, seasoning and seeds (flax seeds were used here).

Spread the mixture out thinly on baking trays and bake in the oven until the mixture dries out. These tasted so delicious with the pate & would be a great healthy snack too.


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