Day 10 : La Fiesta De La Carne

The Vegan Culinary Academy’s week long bootcamp is underway. Today was all about the meat. Big smokey flavours, burgers, bacon, chicken strips and Bacon Ganache Tart. We started the morning by making salsas for our burgers and using banana peel and coconut chunks to create bacon. Chicken strips were constructed using deep fried mushrooms coated in corn starch and breadcrumbs. These, together with the BBQ sauce were amazing. Very naughty and delicious.

IMG_0030 (1)
Chicken Strips

Nutrient rich Dulse Seaweed was roasted to go with our slider plates, move along now Kale.

Dulse Seaweed

Three types of burgers were prepared to use in the sliders. The “Brave Burger”  was made from frozen vegetables, rice, beans, breadcrumbs and seasoning. The “Power Punch” from pumpkin seeds, rice, yeasts and beet puree, and the Sesame Burger from Seitan.

Bacon Ganache Tart. I know how this sounds because I pulled a face when I heard the name but the result was fantastic. The Ganache was made using vegan chocolate, sweet potatoes and the Academy’s own Bacon seasoning. I can’t wait to try this recipe again. Admittedly, without the bacon but it was a good example of how we can be playful with meat flavourings.

Yesterday was an extensive cheese making course. We created 3 different cheeses, pepperoni for pizzas and a Quiche Clarine (Lorraine’s vegan sister).

For the cheese board, a Danish Dill Havarti, Brazil Nut Vintage Cheddar and Brie Cashew Cheese were created. The Quiche Clarine used tofu instead of eggs for it’s filling. One bite was enough.

In between cooking I have been wandering the little cobbled streets of Palma and drinking in the atmosphere. On Sunday, I decided to tear myself from the city and visit Valldemossa. Winding up through green steeped hills, the Carthusian monastery appears in view and instantly your senses become alive. It is breathtaking and the village itself is indescribably charming.

According to the Lonely Planet (and any local you ask), this is one of the island’s most eye-catching sights. It is truly wonderful here. Despite the hoards of tourists in the central plaza, walk a few steps up through the narrow lanes during siesta and you are suddenly alone, with only the noise of birds and decorations strung between the houses flapping in the wind.


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