Day 15 : Soy Into You

I’m excited just looking at these photos. Wednesday’s Sushi making class was great fun and I loved the results. That is a very happy face. It demonstrates how beautiful and realistic we can make vegan sushi. Skinning tomatoes, and sculpting them into chunks of salmon is far more enjoyable than playing with salmon, and a fraction of the price.

The first chapter of my exploration into vegan cooking comes to a close. I’ve learnt so much in the last two weeks, made new friends and return home with a head full of recipes and happy memories. The Vegan Culinary Academy  are extremely passionate about what they do and their aim of making the vegan diet mainstream.

I’m excited to apply my learning in the kitchen. I’ve been vegetarian since 13, and usually throw cheese on everything. Today was the first time I supplemented cheese for a home-made vegan parmesan using almond meal and nutritional yeast. This is easy to make and healthier. Here’s a handy recipe from the Minimalist Baker.

The school work tirelessly to recreate dairy recipes with animal friendly options. Some egg and cheese substitutes don’t work for me but I’m inspired to play around with recipes.

I got a little lazy with my blog updates the last few days (too busy in the kitchen of course) so here’s a look back over the last few days:

The famous Lox, salmon and cream cheese bagel recreated using thinly sliced carrots for the salmon, cured in the oven with seaweed seasonings and Tamari. A vegan cream cheese was added to the bagels and topped with capers, rocket and onions. Divine!

Tarting up the simple salad. A colourful plate of nutrition packed ingredients.

Raw NYC Cheesecake, dairy supplemented with a rich blend of cashew nuts and coconut cream.

Cheese Cake - Pastry Day 28/07/17

Spanish Cuisine Workshop & my final day at the Vegan Culinary Academy. The paellas were fantastic and some of my favourite dishes from the last two weeks.

Palm hearts were sculpted and seasoned to replicate calamari, and seaweeds added to give the paella that authentic taste. I would have smuggled the whole pan in my suitcase if I could.

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