The Perfect Pear – Made In Hackney


Made In HackneyTis the season of the pear, and what an excellent showcase Anton Petrov created today with his masterclass Gourmet Vegan. The class was held at Made In Hackney, a local community food kitchen and charity that supports local residents with donation only cooking classes. Today’s paid for class helps bring in funds to the organisation to maintain a free programme for those most in need.

Pears and Butternut Squash - Made In Hackney , Jump To The Beet.jpg Anton Petrov demonstrated how to make three gourmet dishes:

Starter – Celeriac & Smoked Pear Carpaccio with Dukkah

Mains – British Squashes, Chestnuts and Mushroom

Dessert – Chocolate and Coconut Mousse with Jasmine Infused Pears

The complexity of flavours in these dishes were incredible. For the starter the celeriac was infused with hazelnut oil and roasted in the oven. The pears we smoked using hay in a steam pan. This was a first for me but it may become a new hobby as the pears tasted wonderful, smokey and delicate in taste. The dukkah was made using a mixture of roasted hazelnuts, seeds and seasonings. Assembled together the results were so impressive that I am dreaming of it already. Seeing the work involved in what looks so simplistic adds to the magic.

The next dish was Great British Squashes, Chestnuts and Mushroom. The colours in this dish just sing to you.


The crunch of kale and radicchio against the soft roasted squash. Pickled slithers of squash with roasted chestnuts and fried sage. A sweet chestnut veloute adding to the drama.

King Oyster Mushrooms - Made In Hackney, Jump To The Beet
Toasted King Oyster Mushrooms

British Squashes, Chestnuts and MushroomI really can’t recommend Anton’s classes enough. He is an engaging, creative and talented chef that demonstrates how beautiful plant-based cooking can be. Made In Hackney is a fantastic organisation and are running a crowdfunding campaign now to help support their work. The friendly volunteers and nice space made this class a joy.


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